About Us

Електроисток- пројектни биро Ltd. is committed to constant improvement of the quality of its services , in  order to be continuously ranked ,by the users of its services, as one of the best companies engaged in designing,  consulting services in the field of power plants and high voltage transmission lines as well as telecommunication  facilities and systems and environmental protection. 


To reach that goal Електроисток- пројектни биро Ltd. continuously improves the quality management  system. Quality management system complies with ISO standards and attitudes, and it encourages more  efficient, effective and reliable fulfillment of demands, needs and expectations of the users of its services, as well  as all employees in the company. 

The company's management organizes and constantly monitores , reviewes and directs the activities of all  organization units , departments and individuals in order to carry out the quality policy in full. In this sense ,  the obligation of the management is to acknowledge the quality policy to all employees, so they could clearly  recognize their duties and responsibilities in achieving the policy through everyday activities and to be  maximally motivated to achieve their goals .


Established quality policy within the company is subjected to constant review by the management who is  required to implement the quality policy and to improve and adapt it to the changes in the business and  social environment , as well as to effectively implement the improved quality policy with the help of Quality  Management System .