Organizational Structure

Substation Design Department

- Substation Design Department consists of two offices - These two offices produce complete design for construction and reconstruction of EHV and HV substations till and included 400kV, as design for installing of HV equipment, protection, control and telecommunication devises. In scope of Substation Department are also Environmental Impact Assessment Studies, Basic Designs and Feasibility Studies and Tender Documentations and technical support to PE for Power Transmission ‘’Elekrtromreza Srbije’’

OHL Design Department

 OHL Design Department is organized into two sections - OHL Design Section  - electrical part - Are dealing with the reconstruction of design of transmission lines 110 kV, 220 kV  and 400 kV, Environmental Impact Analysis and Feasibility, consulting, preparation of  tender documentation, as well as providing technical support for Transmission (Technical  department and Transmission division) and for Investments and strtetegy of JP EMS.

 - Surveying Section - geodetic part deals with the line route selection, GPS surveys ,  cadastral measurements, detailed geodetic measurements for well drilling, recording and  production of substrates and geodetic plans, recording and creating a base for investment  and technical documentation for transmission lines and substations, the expropriation study of transmission lines and substations, land surface and underground lines and facilities, determining the elevation, coordinates, height deflection of low conductor , following the landslide remediation pillars and providing technical support to the Legal Department of the Founder JP EMS.

Civil Engineering Design Department

Civil Engineering Design Department is engaged in design of transmission line towers, portals, supporting structures for HV equipment and apparatus , office buildings, command and operational substation buildings, desingning of Transformer  foundations with oil pits and pump stations, restoration and adaptation of buildings and transmission line towers, preparation of tender documentation, designing of substations and all other civil engineering construction and architectural works, making the necessary geological documentation, as well as providing technical support for Transmission Division, Center for Investment and Technology division in Serbian Transmission system and market operater (JP EMS).

Economy, Legal, HR and General Affairs Department

Department of Economy, Legal, HR and General Affairs is engaged in financial and human resources operations, performs tasks related to computer network, archiving and copying and car fleet.